Monthly Archive: November 2014

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A detail analysis to fifa 15 point

FIFA Points are the FIFA currency used on FUT 15 Store exclusively to purchase packs.It is considered a virtual currency as it meets the requirements of the European Central Bank definition (type of unregulated,...

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Some noticeable improvements in FIFA 15

FIFA 15 is a beautiful game which can put you through all the feels. The unabashed delirium of a late comeback winner. Shrieks of terror at seeing your keeper hare 40 yards off his...


EA improves his playing system in FIFA15

EA have increased the emotion of players in FIFA15, implementing a new engine that will track the players performance and relationship to others on the pitch, which will allegedly effect their performance and the...

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Update a pair of cheap fifa 15 coins

In the fifa 15 coins club’s official website, the highest five goals of the month are featured during a video and you would like to vote for the simplest goal. A signed metropolis FIFA...

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To Manage FIFA 15 Coins as a Career Manager

Cheap FIFA coins ramped itself up to another level of realism after introducing goal line technology into this year’s game – but the problem is that it doesn’t seem to work all the


Player Benefit From FIFA 15 Time Method

FIFA Time Method a method for players to make FIFA coins with. With time goes by, it has already been proved to be useful for earning tons of FIFA coins efficiently. If you never...