E3 2016 – Frostbite has Opened a New World for the Fifa 17 devs

Comparing to the last version, the new edition of this popular football simulator will have a brand-new engine, which is called Frostbite.This special engine powers the new EA games as well as the FIFA game.

What does that mean? What differences between new version and old version and what expectation in Fifa 17? Here is an interview picked from the poster who chatted to game’s Lead Producer, Sebastian Enrique. The following is his sayings:

The first thing you gotta think about Frostbite is collaboration and opportunity. Dragon Age, a Bioware game, is on Frostbite. Battlefield, a Dice game, is on Frostbite. They’ve all brought their own advancements and innovations to the engine. It was a no brain for EA to bring all their titles under Frostbite. Any advancement that takes place in it becomes available to everyone.

The experience now, especially with the journey – the new story mode – now has lots of locations outside of the pitch for example too. Players will now start seeing offices, the change rooms – a lot of other different worlds within the world of football. Frostbite has allowed us to overcome many limitations we had before.

There is a new story mode which makes it easier. About this Sebastian and his team want to tell us something.

What we want to build is a story about an individual that is trying to make it to the first level of professional football. What do they experience there? Let me tell you that footballers, at that level of trying to make it go through many ups and downs. We consulted with professional players and football reporters to bring a level of authenticity to out story.

The game starts with Alex Hunter who is going to trial to try make it to the premier league. So you can choose what team you want to play with. We have a lot of twists in the story – what you do on the pitch, like your performance in the game, will affect the narrative. Alex Hunter is a flexible character who can be formed into who you want him to be.

It seems Frostbite has brought a lot of chances for the FIFA development team. This is just the beginning though. Over the years, I think the engine will allow FIFA to evolve even further. We’ll see what benefits Frostbite bring to players.

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