EA improves his playing system in FIFA15


EA have increased the emotion of players in FIFA15, implementing a new engine that will track the players performance and relationship to others on the pitch, which will allegedly effect their performance and the way they react to situations that unfold.

It also has improved physics. Players look like athletes both in terms of their on-field performance and the animations that detail their reactions to goals and missed chances. Tactically the game is improved. You can crowd the keeper during corners, and lump men into the box when taking attacking freekicks. You can set your team further up the pitch from goal kicks, or pull them all behind the ball to defend a lead.
Fifa Ultimate Team is by far Fifa’s most popular game mode, and it too has received some enhancements. Teams can now loan players into their club and make them a part of their squad for a limited number of matches, with the loan spell being determined by what tier of card they are, gold cards are a short loan while bronze cards stay with your club for much longer. You are given a choice of four different players to loan in to your club at the beginning of your career, and from then on you can loan in a select few other players via the in-game catalogue.

In a time in which all of possession proportions speak and passports adheres somewhat masturbatory, EA improves his playing system and thus makes his matches straight. This is the sober realization of the first core “Fifa 15″ presence. Prettier Band Advertisement or footprints on the field are the side dish. And for the heated moments then provide the reigns Rooney and Ronaldo. At 50 percent was “Fifa 15″ in its current form completed, insists producer Nick Channon. Footballers know, however: Games decided in the second half.

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