EA slates multiplatform Patches, ‘Price Ranges’ to FUT players angers fans from FIFA 15

Patches for FIFA 15 1.05 were released across different platforms, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. Along with these patches were notes listing for updates.


Recently, the game patches were available across all platforms with updates for each of them, containing additions such as the new MLS teams, Orlando City FC and New York City FC.

Aside from these newly included teams, there are also upgrades for the teams’ stability for match day functions, as well as for online seasons and pro clubs.The, a ‘compare price’ function was also included in these patches where users can FIFA Ultimate team players can have an improved system for comparing consumables.

Other set of patches for FIFA 15 Version 1.05 included: fixed stability issue around requesting a substitution in Player Career; addressed issue where some players were not able to unlock certain boot packs for their Vritual Pro; names of scouted players in Career Mode are more reflective of their country of origin; and, stability improvements to Friendly Seasons in FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons.

Screenshots were also posted online citing the some of the listed upgrades done with these patches available for the game. In one of the screenshots for PS4 platform, it was noticeably contained much smaller sizes for downloads, together with some not-so-long notes for each patch.

In terms of its pricing, EA Sports also revealed that there will be a difference for the price ranges of the versions with additions when compared to the previous released game versions. But, they assured gamers that they will stay consistent to their market prices.

There won’t be any Open Bid for the game purchases. Instead, they have to immediately click, “But It Now” in the Price Range to transfer list of the item to Transfer Market. Price ranges for new updates and new players will be announced some time after.

EA Sports new move certainly disappointed a lot of their fans, since they have to make something to make a fair and more fun FUT by placing Price Ranges to each team player. Amid these rants from fans, they still confidently said in a statement that what they are doing now is for the sake of long-term benefits.

Platforms compatible for these patches were PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, including PC. It was mentioned that in each patch for FIFA 15 1.05 contained 328.3MB size with 250MB for Xbox One, 50MB for Xbox 360, and PS3, and 200MB for PC.

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