FIFA 17 Face the Challenge as PES 2017 Latest Official Trailer Released

Konami signs a partnership deal with the world’s biggest club FC Barcelona.

Here’s what the partnership between FC Barcelona and PES 2017 means for fans:

  • Exclusive rights to recreate FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium.
  • The club’s famed offensive, playing style will be fully implemented, as will the club anthem ‘Himno’.
  • In-game versions of FC Barcelona’s historical kits.
  • Special promotions in myClub mode that will allow you to add FC Barcelona stars such as Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr and Luis Suarez to your squads.
  • FC Barcelona Legends available in myClub.

PRO EVO 2017 has revealed its latest trailer and screenshots and they look so good it could be spell the end of FIFA’s dominance on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

FIFA and PES are two of the biggest rivals in the sport gaming world and EA has been winning the battle handily so far. Back in 2009 EA Sport made a huge leap that set it apart from the Japanese franchise but seems things are starting to change now. Year after year FIFA made drastic improvements in their graphics and gameplay but PES is finally out doing EA.

The nearly four and a half minutes long trailer features only Barcelona and the gameplay highlighted is insane. Aside from drastic improvements in the graphics and gameplay, PES also offered up a new career mode that rival that of FIFA. You can sign players as well as develop playing styles like Barcelona’s Tika Taka.

The trailer highlight the incredible Tika Taka Barcelona style of play with some neat one touches that build up to scoring goals.

And also from the trailer, 3D face scanning will make player’s face look more incredible.

This time, it might be a blow to FIFA 17, facing the challenge from PES.

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