FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Mobile Wishlist: What fans want to see

EA Sports changed their mobile version of FIFA games to complete Ultimate Team mode which is free to play for the full version.

Today, what new features and wishlist that fans want to see in FUT 17 for Android and Apple IOS will be talked about. The below is wishlist.

1. The major fix FUT mobile needs is that the servers needs to be upgraded. It has been an issue for almost all the EA online games in mobile consoles. The server crashes most of the time and we miss our golden change to skim player auctions. The market is down for several hours which is really not doing any good of the struggling mobile version. EA should really look into this issue.

2. The price range is insane in the mobile FUT. Someone should monitor these prices. That means 86 rating player costs 200k while a 87 costs 800k.

3. FUT mobile is not available for all the devices in the Play Store. They should make the game more compatible and make them available to all the devices all over the world.

4. The online game play in FUT 16 is better than that of other versions. However, there are some space for improvement. In older Android devices, the gameplay is not smooth enough. The commentary file should be extended and new skills should be improvised.

5. The mobile version of the game could include new modes beside the big Ultimate Team. Adding more skill games and daily challenges and achievements would also compensate for that.

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