Some noticeable improvements in FIFA 15

fifa 15

FIFA 15 is a beautiful game which can put you through all the feels. The unabashed delirium of a late comeback winner. Shrieks of terror at seeing your keeper hare 40 yards off his line – what are you doing Fabianski?! Or the rampant delight at witnessing certain players, for argument’s sake, lets call our hypothetical star Stephan Gercard, fall face flat after miscontrolling a four-yard pass. That’s EA Canada’s primary brief this year: it wants you to ‘feel the game’.

Of course,FIFA 15 is not just a re-hash of last year’s version, but instead brings some much needed changes to the table.

There are other elements of the game which have improved significantly too, aside from just those listed on the box. Some of these in fact are much more important to play, and so it is odd that EA did not choose to highlight them as well, but nonetheless, here they are: First of all there are more tactical options available to you now during a match.

When you are taking a free kick or throw in, you can now switch to the receiver of the ball to better position them. You then simply call for the play and the rest is magic. This can make some of these set pieces a lot easier to master and perfect. You can also tell your teammates where to position themselves in the box for a corner; a feature introduced in the World Cup game and one which also makes set pieces more adaptable, useful and meaningful.

One noticeable improvement with FIFA 15 is the ease in which you can navigate through the team management screen. Now when you are selecting formations, set pieces, team captain and so forth, pretty much everything is under one screen and just a tab slider away from the next. So it will be very rare for you to have to make changes in another screen, like having to select set piece takers, and then go back into another screen, etc. It’s far easier, quicker and quite frankly tidier then FIFA 14, so for someone that hates clutter; this is a little god send to say the least.

What’s even more noticeable now is how the speed and direction that the player is running in drastically affects their connection with the ball. By diving into the Instant Replay function you can easily identify authentic spin and dip when it has been applied to the ball – it looks absolutely amazing in slow motion and demonstrates the care that has been taken to ensure the football itself acts how it’s meant to.

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