Team of the week 26 Suarez and Meyer in the TOTW from FIFA 15

If FIFA 15 ultimate team play, waiting for Wednesday night, when the new team of the week is published regularly. The team of the week in 15 FIFA depends on the services of the real players on the last day of the weekend.

Who has shown a particularly outstanding performance this weekend, is appointed by EA Sports in the ultimate team of the week.

The new FIFA 15 team of the week (now new – 11 KW)


The new ultimate team of the week can be found respectively from Wednesday evening in the packs. The convened players come with a map in black. Have you pulled one of the players from the Pack, you can imagine you happy, after all, the players of the week are very rare and at UT players is sought after. Especially silver and bronze TOTW players are more valuable than their normal counterparts many times over.

This week the traditional cards in the packs are, therefore their values will rise slightly. You should hold TOTW players in the stack of Exchange. When the TOTW cycle has finished (Wednesday, 7: 00), these cards are no longer available and are therefore also becoming increasingly rare in the transfer market.

FIFA UT 15: team of the week with Meyer IF and Suarez IF (91)


Among other things the Schalker double scorer Max Meyer and a 91-er beast in the form of Suarez in the team of the week find themselves this week.

There are also finding a rare bronze-IF in the new TOTW with Lorcan Fitzgerald. a further, known from the Bundesliga player in the team of the week finds it Marcus Berg.

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