The Best And Worst Teams To Use In Madden 19 Franchise Mode


In Madden NFL 19, a lot of online CFMs are probably going to be looking at letting people pick their teams soon. Who do you think is top in each of those catagories? Which teams will be the best, worst and and most fun to use in Madden 19 Franchise Mode? What I think is that:

Madden NFL 19

Best: Jaguars
In my opinion it’s their defense that will make them the popular team, with Ramsey and Bouye potentially being the best CB duu at the start of Madden. Also their stacked D line is gonna make them a nightmare. Offense has a couple weapons but no bail out guy. O0qn a negative side money will become an issue once Ramsey and a couple others contracts are up.

Worst: Dolphins
Their secondary will be top 3 in Madden 19. Casey Heyward, Jason Verrett, Trevor Williams and the rookie Derwin James will make it almost impossible to throw on the Chargers. With Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram on the D-Line QBs will be pressured almost every play.

On offense I believe they have the most balanced WR core with Keenan Allen, Tyrell Williams, Mike Willams and Travis Benjamin. Then you have Melvin Gordon at HB who was an absolute glitch in Madden 18. Only flaw is ther O-Line, but with so many weapons on both sides of the ball you’ll be fine.

Fun: Chargers
Other options: Best: Rams Worst: Cardinals Fun:Texans.

What is your opinion? Welcome your message. Enjoying your game life while maintaining some Mut 19 coins.

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