The Best Loot in Fortnite


Whilst our ideal weapons list is chock-a-block filled with various stats, gun forms, and tiers, the loot program is often a lot significantly less difficult to choose the most effective products from. Combat and developing skills aren’t sufficient to nab you a win on their own – you will also require to collect some loot.

Ranging from health and shield restoratives to grenades, there are many products out there all through the game, all of that will help you in securing a Victory Royale.

Remote Explosives

Remote Explosives are an excellent way to kill off opponents from afar, especially if you are getting tailed or your health is low. There is no distance limit on detonation either, meaning you may be over the other side on the map just before you set them off.

A favorite technique to use them and secure your self some loot devoid of fear of becoming executed by a different player is usually to stick them on unopened chests and freshly-landed Supply Drops after which lay in wait from a distance for an unsuspecting foe to come along. Be sneaky along with your placement although as they’re destroyed when shot. They could be identified in Loot Chests, Supply Drops, Supply Llamas and on the floor.


If you are less-skilled at developing, then the Port-a-Fort is your saving grace – basically throw it down and it’ll construct a full-blown three-story metal fort ideal in front of one’s eyes. Equipped with bouncy tires in the bottom that send you straight to the prime and an eagle’s nest so it is possible to pop your head in and out to snipe or send rocket projectiles, it’s an item that is amazing for a final couple of circles.

If it did not sound astounding already, you could also stack forts into one another if you throw down more than 1 Port-a-Fort, giving you a ton of additional protection. It is possible to come across them in Vending Machines, Supply Drops, Supply Llamas and Loot Chests.

Chug Jug

In the event you find your self heavily wounded coming out with the looting phase or mid-game, a Chug Jug will give you a second likelihood by filling you’re well being and shield completely. It is possible to hold this item strategically at the same time to completely recover inside a botched fight within the final handful of circles. Since the item refills each bar, it takes longer to utilize than other medical Fortnite items using a 15-second cast time, so it is greatest applied although behind cover or in a healing space. They spawn in Loot Chests, Provide Drops, Supply Llamas and Vending Machines.

Med Kit

It really is an obvious a single, but the Med Kit is by far one of the most helpful products within the game since it restores all of your overall health in one go. It does include a ten second cast time, although, so ensure you either hide within a secure developing just before drinking it or develop your self a healing room if you are out within the open.

If you’re only able to seek out a single Kit, it really is a much better thought to save it till the endgame and to maintain your overall health topped up with Bandages inside the meantime (although note the 75% cap), so you’ve got the guarantee of going in to the final battle having a full bar. They are found in all loot forms.

Shield Potion

Having a shield in the looting phase is important since it can imply the distinction in between life and death through close-combat encounters. While everybody is scrambling to have their loot (specifically in a lot more populated areas), swiftly drinking a Shield Potion are you able to provide you with the edge since it fills your shield bar halfway, and due to the fact most fights are a numbers game, possessing it might lead you to victory over a far more skilled player.

You may locate them around the floor, in Loot Chests, Supply Llamas, Provide Drops and in Vending Machines.


Though not probably the most glamorous tactic, hiding in diverse bushes about the map is one strategy to earn oneself a spot inside the endgame if you are not by far the most skilled in combat. The Bush is the primarily transportable cover, which means you’ll be able to cover oneself even in locations where bushes and trees do not develop as considerably. Walking together with the Bush around you allows you to crouch and blend in with all the environment which is wonderful for sniping and sneaking up on enemies.

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